Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Freestyle Berlin

Now who'd have believed this... Second day of my blog, second post. Freaking proud of myself! But don't worry, it won't go on like this... I just have some stuff of the past two weeks that I judge worthy of sharing on this humble online-diary of mine.
As for instance the Freestyle Berlin event of the past weekend. Many of you might already have heard of or even been at freestyle.ch in Zurich. For those who haven't: It's a pretty big snowboard/skateboard/FMX event that takes place every year in September on the Landiwiese in Zurich, with some 50'000 spectators. Now for the first time they exported that whole concept to Berlin. The coolest thing was definitely the location: This whole thing went down in the out-of-service airport Berlin Tempelhof. This airport is one of the more interesting areas of Berlin: all the air traffic was stopped by October 2008, and the whole area has been unused since. There have been several projects on what to do with this huge surface in the middle of Berlin, and I guess in any other capital city of this size it would have been sold within minutes to the highest bidding investor who'd have stomped a business district or a series of apartment buildings out of the floor there, but not here: The government has decided to transform most of the surface into a huge park, to "balance the city's climate"... I like!
Well, back to the main subject: In the end the event wasn't really much of a success (despite the great location), with only 13'000 tickets sold instead of the expected 25'000 and rain almost all the time. I guess Berlin people just aren't ready to pay something like 50 € for a three day ticket to an event that promotes a sport they'd have to drive about 800 kilometers to practice. This just isn't Zurich. Anyway, I had won two day tickets (thanks, Pleasure!), and went there Saturday with Linn, eager to take some pictures, only to realize when we got there that my camera's battery was almost completely empty... Doh!
I still managed to take a few pics with the last electrons standing, so here they are:

And one final note: never ever allow your children to start FMX... These guys are complete psychos!

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