Monday, 12 October 2009

Tobi writes a blog now... Ain't that good news?

Ladies and Gentlemen... here it is: The long unawaited, never really asked for and never really needed, but nonetheless henceforth existing blog of Tobi in Berlin!
I must admit I don't really know why I'm starting this. Maybe it's just cause I'm bored right know and it's raining outside and I wanted to find out if I could add my own header and design to this blog (I can!), maybe it's because everyone who's going abroad for more than just a good tan apparently has to write a blog, maybe it's because I think writing a blog would push me to get my butt out of bed more and sleep less so I could tell my appreciated audience about my adventures, maybe it's because I've recently started to feel a bit braindead and thought a little writing might be a good attempt to reanimate my synapses. I'd like to say it's because I get so many mails every day that due to my tight academic schedule I can't answer them all personally and therefor keep my fan base tuned to the latest Berlin gossip with a blog, but I still get more mails offering me penis enlargement and %°CHEAP°PILLS°--°BEST°QUALITY°% than mails asking what's going on in Berlin and how the weekend was. I'd also like to say that I've seen so many things never seen before and experienced so many thrills never experienced before and heard so many stories never heard before (you get the point) that I feel an urgent need to share these things with you, but so far I've mostly been sleeping in (average get up time: 14:00... no really), buying stuff to make my room a bit less spartanic, waging war against university bureaucracy, wandering through (very cool) Kreuzberg and drinking the occasional beer and it's followers... Which was fun, but maybe not what you wanna spend your precious time reading about. :)

Anyway: Here's my blog! Shall it bring joy and enlightenment to all those who find their joy and enlightenment in blogs...

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